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Originally Posted by mistheuk View Post
Hi i was on here under the screen name mistboundforuk before and had applied from usa for 2 visas, one for myself and my daughter. Just wanted to let everyone know that my daughters visa was denied because they are requiring that you have court documents saying the parent traveling has sole custody and the documents must be sent within 4 days of them contacting you about it. There was no way I could get a court document that fast. It cannot be a notarized letter anymore saying the other parent gives permission.....and the UKBA had phoned me up to talk to me regarding this. Just letting any other parents out there planning on taking children know whats going on before you waste your money.
Hello mistheuk, am sorry to hear about your visa denial. Why can't you try to appeal? What evidence of sole responsibility did you submitt for your daughter? Also was your visa issued or denied too? If it was denied what was the cause/reasons given by ECO for denial? Maybe if you gave further information people on here can guide you accordingly.....some applications have been denied but then when appealed overturned. Please give us more information so that we can give advise...some of us are going through the same but have been following this forum for some time, and I can say it is very helpful. Do not give up just yet