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Originally Posted by sm8764 View Post
Hello Everybody,
Can someone advice me on getting 5 points for two year study in Australia, i have consulted lot of people but was unable to get a sound answer. I have done MPA (1.5 yrs with 12 units from Australian University fully assessed by CPA Australia) apart from that i have done Certificate IV in Business Management 1yr from Australian Institute. I applied EOI on 29th April 2015 with 60 point but was not sure about this so did not claimed that, but due to current tough situation after 50% cut i am anxious to add these points if i am eligible to get them if my studies can be considered for two year study criteria.
I am afraid that if i get an invitation and visa officer could refuse my application on claiming these 5 points which he/she do not consider to meet two year study criteria.

Please someone advice me on this, i know we have lot of members here who are experts with lot of experience.
Hi sm8764, you need to check the CRICOS course length, if it takes more than 16 calendar months and span through 2 academic years, then it is safe to claim points. However, beware that some MPA was not counted as having 16 calendar months (expressed in weeks) on CRICOS website.

"You can receive five points if you have completed one or more degrees, diplomas or trade qualifications for award through a course or courses taken at an Australian educational institution.

Your course or courses must:

be registered through the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Course for Overseas Students (CRICOS)
have been completed in a total of at least 16 calendar months
have been completed as a result of at least two academic years of study
have given all instruction in English
have been completed while you were physically in Australia
have been completed while you held a visa authorising you to study in Australia.

A course can be counted only once towards the Australian study requirement. Any failed course subject cannot be counted.

As evidence that you completed the course or courses, you need to provide:

a certified copy of a completion letter from your educational institution, including
the dates the course began and ended
the date the course requirements were met
the location of the campus where you studied
certified copies of course transcripts.

Two academic years of study is defined as 92 weeks of study in a course or courses registered by CRICOS. CRICOS determines a standard duration (number of weeks) for each course.

This is a measure of the amount of study you have completed, rather than of how long it took you to do it. The study does not have to be full time.

You can take longer to complete course work, but you will be credited with the number of weeks that CRICOS determines as a standard duration. For example, if it takes you 92 weeks to complete a course that CRICOS says should take 78 weeks, you will receive credit for 78 weeks only.

If you are given credit for prior learning, you could be exempt from taking a relevant course. An exempted course cannot be counted towards the Australian study requirement. Credit cannot be counted on the basis of study done either overseas or within Australia in a non-CRICOS registered course.

The 92 weeks of study could contribute towards the award of one of more acceptable qualifications. In this instance, the courses of study need not have been done within a 24-month period. It is possible to have a break between completing the first course and beginning the second. "
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