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Originally Posted by Bevdeforges View Post
Unfortunately, most landlords and rental agents are fairly unimaginative and pretty much insist on the 3 months of back payslips (i.e. the last 3 months, not just any 3 months) or paying 6 to 12 months up front.

One approach some folks use is to take a short-term "vacation" rental for 2 or 3 months on arrival, and then use that time to look for long-term accommodation. By the end of the 3 months of "temporary" housing, you should have the necessary 3 pay slips and you can find a long-term place with somewhat less hassle.

You're going to need to establish a French bank account when you get here anyhow. (Many landlords insist on setting up the rent as an automatic debit from your local account.) Just don't close out your US bank account, and check before you leave on how to best set up and authorize a wire transfer to your French account.

They normally won't let you do international wire transfers online, but with some pre-arrangements you may be able to set things up and then "authorize" the actual transfers as you need them. And besides, you'll need your US account when you go back to visit. Also, hang onto your US credit cards - they come in handy. You can just change the billing address to your address in France.
Thank you, Bev! I figured we might get stuck with the upfront payment but never hurts to ask, right? I don't guess they'd let US payslips count would they? My husband will continue to work 19 weeks a year in the US. He is paid monthly and that will continue. As soon as we arrive in France he will change his tax withholding in the US to reflect France as our primary place of residence (although for tax purposes we are going to fail the residency test the first year.) I guess that is a problem for another day. (sigh)

We will definitely be keeping all of our US accounts. My husband will have a small apartment in Houston since he has to be here for his operas. Even when we lived in the UK we kept everything alive here. We want to protect our credit history and he is still paid here.

We are thinking we will transfer our US money to my mother and have her do the wire transfer as herself from the US in case she needs to sign something, etc she will be there to handle it. I want to look into transfers via the XE website-I have heard you can get a better exchange rate that way but I need to explore it further.

Also, on an unrelated note, I read somewhere that you can only register as an auto-entrepreneur if he earns less than 30K EUR. If that is the case should he go for Entreprise Individualle straight away?

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