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Default Renting an apartment

Hello everyone!

My husband and I are trying to figure out what we need to do and get in order before leaving the US in order to facilitate getting an apartment lease in France.

My husband has documents proving his French income from last year and he also has 2 upcoming work contracts in France. Can these help us get an apartment or will we still need to pony up a year's worth of rent? We can do it, but obviously we'd prefer not to if there's another way to prove ourselves. We'd prefer not to have a guarantor since we don't want to involve anyone else. We also have references from the UK if that would help.

Also, if we DO have to pay a year up front, how have people been handling that logistically? Right now, most of our money is in our US bank account (although we still have an active UK account.) Should we open a French bank account and then have someone from the US wire us our money into our French account (once it is open)? We want to do whatever will be easiest.

When we moved to the UK we paid 6 months rent upfront via US debit card. It was a nightmare though because while I had cleared the amount with my bank (called to tell them it wasn't fraud and they lifted the transaction limit) but they had neglected to contact visa (the card's cosponsor) to tell them to lift the limit. It was a big fiasco that resulted in me and all of my luggage spending all day in the letting agent's office trying to get my damn card to go through. NEVER AGAIN. Any suggestions, anecdotes, etc would be greatly appreciated! Cheers!