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Originally Posted by SteinKR View Post
Make sure you have an international driving lisence to avoid troubble with the police etc.
Be sure you get a THAI driver's license. Your international license (IDL) is only valid for about 90 days - after which your insurance company COULD (they don't always but they CAN if they want) invalidate your coverage, just when you need it the most.

Yeah yeah, there are many expats here who don't bother to get the REQUIRED local driver's license - but they are the ones who yell the loudest when it becomes a problem for them.

Sorry, just my opinion. It's not that hard to get the local license. If you bring your VALID and CURRENT home-country license and a valid and current IDL - you need only take a couple perception tests and you are set for the one-year license. At the end of one year, you trade it in for a five-year license - no tests at all for the five year.

If you are going to live overseas and be a responsible person - do it right.

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