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Originally Posted by Twinkle Canelli View Post
Thank you Dee S for your kind words. Yes, I am looking for that person to talk to.... everyone is very friendly here, but quite reserved too. I did a language course to learn Italian for a year before I came, but found that with local dialects and my poor pronunciation it was almost useless and only gave me a very basic grounding. Ordering a coffee is very different from having a chat!

With your problems about your visa, do the Italian authorities have to know that you are travelling around? Can you not just give your first address as your "permanent" address? And maybe get someone there to forward any mail received there to you wherever you are? Or return to that address at the end of your trip? And if it was me, I would just book a one way ticket - and worry about the return flight nearer the time!!! When are you planning to travel? Amanda
I am working hard on getting rid of things, and getting my house ready to rent out. I REALLY want to leave in May, but I think realistically, it will be June. Not the best time to go. I don't like heat or crowds, but I really want to be in school in Lucca for the summer music festival. I am having to shift my original plans a little. I had hoped to be able to get my CELTA certification in May in Milan. There is still a slim chance I can get it all done.... if I can stay off the computer. I spend a moderate amount of time researching, too.

I also agree that the dialect issue is a major one. One of my closest "facebook friends" (for some reason, that strikes me as a very sad statement) is someone I chatted with for about 4 months online, but I truly could not understand a word she said when I met her. It was very embarrassing. Fortunately, she also saw me stumbling with another person from another region, and she didn't see me doing fine with several other people.

I don't know if I can pass the consulate review if I don't have a return flight. I think people from the UK don't have to have one, but from what I have read on other posts, from the US we do. I guess they figure you can swim?

What part of Piedmonte do you live in? One of my favorite singers if from near Asti. What kinds of things do you like to do? Do you have a particular kind of music you like? Getting involved with some of the fan clubs has been really fun. They are all ages, and very friendly. Maybe finding some group or singer would be a way to meet people.

I do have a facebook friend who is from London who lives in Galliate near Milan. She has lived there for years, and her significant other is Italian. They are both loves. I will have to tell you a very funny story about her some day.

I don't know exactly where I will be going, but my plans are Lucca, Viareggio, Venice, and somewhere near Lombardia, but I know someone (again, face book "know") near Torino, and I may be going there as well.

Good to hear from you, please write again.

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