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Originally Posted by Twinkle Canelli View Post

My name's Amanda and I moved from Surrey in the UK to Piemonte just over 2 years ago with my daughter who's almost 14. After two difficult years she's finally settled in and I am constantly amazed at the education she's receiving here and how fluently she speaks. Me...? I bumble along with pidgin Italian and don't even have to utter a sound before people instantly know I'm English!

I'm struggling to build a social life as my partner works away for months at a time and after joining the forum yesterday I'm wondering why I didn't find it sooner. Thank you all you lovely people for being there!!!
Hi, Amanda. I am also new to this forum, and I am also amazed at how quickly children settle in and pick up the language, but I think the reason they do is that they speak to other people.

I can read and write Italian somewhat. I have chatted with Italian friends on facebook, and they all think I "speak Italian". They are so wrong, as they found out when I met them in Italy. Not having someone to speak with a sure way to NOT learn the language. I am sure there must be someone in your village who maybe speaks a little Engish, but is too shy to try to speak it to you. Sound familiar? I hope you will find each other, but your best bet would to be to look for her. You can help each other. When I was in Italy, the person I was most comfortable speaking Italian with was my friend Patrizia who only spoke high school English, and was nervous to speak it, but was willing. We had so much fun stumbling along in our respective languages, and learning we wouldn't melt away if we used a wrong word.

I hope you find that person who speaks a little English, and who can help her new English speaking friend learn Italian.
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