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Users Flag! Originally from usa. Users Flag! Expat in italy.

Hello, I am a 65 year old with a wandering gene. I have been caring for my mother for the past 15 years. She recently died, and now I am about to fly away. A couple of years ago, seduced by some Italian singers, I started studying Italian to translate their lyrics. Last October, I escaped to Europe for a 5 week trip with 2.5 weeks in Italy. I have many facebook friends there who I have met through the fan clubs for some of the musicians. I met many of them face-to-face, and had a wonderful time.

My plan now is to go for a year. The problem I am having is how to apply for a visa. I don't want to stay in one place (extended residence visa). I also don't want to have to attend school continuously (student visa). I want to go longer than 90 days. I am afraid the consulate will deny me because I don't have one address, but will have 3-4. My intention is to go to language school, but 3 months in 3-4 different places.

I have what I believe is enough money, so I don't think I will be denied for that reason. I think it will be the address issue. Oh, and I am finding it to be a challenge to find a return flight a year from now. The schedules don't go out that far. Suggestions are welcome.\\

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