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Originally Posted by 189190toAus View Post
Dear Friends

i have applied for NSW 190 visa. I had a question to be clarified in this valuable forum.

1.Assuming that i will get an invite in the months to come, Can my wife and kid who are the secondary applicants can move first and me do the permanent move after a period say 1 year from my current job location. We all will together go for the initial entry but my family will move first and i will join them after a certain period of time in order to close out my commitments in the current work place. is it possible ?

2.Also can my family be put up in Adelaide until i join them? This is because we are familiar with Adelaide as we visited and stayed at that place for some time and also have few friends in Adelaide. Will this anyways affect the visa rules ? Will it be checked and seen that my family has NSW sponsored 190 visa but living in Adelaide - example like enrolling for a school or looking for an apartment where we have to provide certain documents (if necessary ? not sure) and will it impact their visa and entitlements including medicare/centrelink etc if i am(primary applicant) not living with them and not in NSW?

Basically i am thinking to put up my family in Adelaide until i join them and i wish to get a feedback from the members whether if this way is fair enough legally and do not have any impacts for my family to do all day to day routines as above and also to ensure my visa is not impacted and to join them.
1- yes

2- yes
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