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Originally Posted by Jynxgirl View Post
I would bet it you ask the owner of the forum what it is for, would be some this and that about bringing expats together but... in the end, isnt it always about money ??

Forum is what you make of it.

Most people come, get info about moving to what country they are intersted in, move or dont, and have those intial questions. If move, might go to a few initial meetups, meet some folks, and form their own little group and move on....

Few of the regular posters see it as their online social forum and have a 'rapore' if you will each other.

I dont tend to drink but really cant stand the taste of wine even though I did try to for a while, think Pat Green with his guitar standing on a stage is great live music, and reading from the kindle is something one does if have nothing else to do (I read ALOT HERE).

You can always post an event and see if anyone will show up
LOL!!!! that's funny-- ALSO thanks for the 411---
I READ A LOT as well, almost a book every other day (i kid you NOT)
I guess I will try and post an event (what have I got to lose, I have no friends here yet)

I was a lawyer in NYC (ok now I realize no one will ever come to an event or respond to me) but I AM REFORMED-- I am enjoying my life and just want to have some fun.

I will post an event and hope some one will show up (stranger things have happened)

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