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Hi All,

I have lodged VISA application on 29th Jan 2015 under 189 for Computer Networking and System Engineer 263111. My application status was "In Progress" until 17th April 2015, it changed to "Assessment in Progress" and stayed in that state till 12th May 2015. Now its changed to "Application received" and the last update date has changed to 21st April. Can someone please tell me what this change means?

As per the below link, the current allocation date is 8th March. I had lodged my Visa application on Jan 29th 2015. Now, they have moved it to April 21st 2015. Does this mean that my application will be allotted to a Case Officer when the Allocation date in the below site changes to 21st April 2015?

Allocation dates for General Skilled Migration applications

ACS Positive - 1st May 2014
IELTS 7 in All - 20th Dec 2014
EOI - 26th Dec 2014
Invite - 9th Jan 2015
Application Lodged - 29th Jan 2015
PCC - 28th March 2015
Meds - 4th April 2015
CO - Not yet assigned
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