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Default SRRV Visa Questions

I'm currently in India, but moving to the Philippines for retirment within a few weeks.

My reading of the SRRV site leaves me with questions... Can I ask here? or should this be a new topic? If I should ask them elsewhere, please let me know!
1. If I deposit $10,000 into a bank account, is it in my name? or in the PRA's name?
2. May be used for investment/s in RFO Real Estate Properties; * Investment value must be at least US$50,000.00 - Does this mean that the deposit must be $50,000? or that the $10,000 can be used in an investment of at least $50,000 value?
3. Is it at all possible to get access to the $10,000 while still on the SRRV?
4. What happens to the $10,000 deposit when I die?


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