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Users Flag! Originally from ireland. Users Flag! Expat in australia.

Hi and hubby from Dublin too and made the big move to Adelaide 4 mths ago,we came on a 176 visa which took us 6 mths to get,started last feb 2011 and got visa aug 5th 2011...sold our house and shipped all our stuff and arrived here on oct 15th,still early days and still settling in but loving de weather and out-door way of life and its great for the kids,its not home and some things are hard to get used too and its not been easy meeting ppl,not everyone is as friendly as de have a group of irish here who all met thru different means and we meet at the weekends,or coffee during de week depending were ya live,ive also met some lovley aussies who hav made my settling in a lot easier!! my hubby was a fire-fighter wit DFB back home,but as u know public sector workers were gettin hammered and it got to a stage he was workin for nothing really,sure de ppxy goverment jus took it all in taxes,makes me so angry:-( we jus decided to give it a go,nothing to loose really,its not an easy move and i miss my family terrible,christmas was hard,but im gonna give it my best shot (4 yrs) is my deadline to settle and see wat life brings:-)...if i can help in anyway please jus ask or send me a private mess,good luck!!!