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Originally Posted by anulpr View Post
Originally Posted by mhdnajamuddin View Post
can someone tell me what are my chances of getting invitation on 24th april

Skilled - 189, 190

SOL - 263111 ( Computer Network and System Engineer)

189 EOI submitted - 16/04/2015 (60 points)
NSW EOI 190 submitted - 17/02/2015 (updated with 65 points on 16/04/2015)
Vic EOI 190 submitted - 17/02/2015 (65 points)

ACS - 16/02/2015
PTE - A - 23/01/2015 (L- 83, R- 78, W- 78, S-90)

Awaiting invitation

Hello mhdnajamuddin

I am going to apply for ACS with RPL .. need your help.. can you confirm if below roles and responsibility matches to Computer Network and system Engineer.

Network and system Engineer
? Installation, administration, and testing of network servers, operating system software, hubs, routers, switches, cabling, and other related network components/equipment under the guidance of the Technical consultant and in accordance with published standards.
? Troubleshooting of Hardware, Operating System and Network
? Downloading of latest patches and its implementation on systems
? Installation and configuration of Active directory services server
? Installation and configuration of Windows update services server
? Creating Users, Groups, Assigning rights and Creating Login Scripts
? Administration, configuration & reporting of routers and switches
? Configuring & Maintaining Avaya IP phones for Voice based processes
? Design and implementing of the UTP Cabling work-node to rack fixing and patch panel termination
? Coordinating with clients & other technical engineers for translating the security and business requirements into technical designs
? Perform self-assessment for the processes and procedures defined by the client for Network security operations to ensure compliance and to verify and close any deviations in the process defined
? Handling the security incident, monitoring and response including event log monitoring, event correlation and analysis. In depth analysis of suspicious events, network troubleshooting and reporting
? Preparation of Monthly health checklist for all Client on IT Network products based on the requirement.
? Assists the Network Engineer with developing, monitoring, and implementing network security procedures for safeguarding all networking systems. Performs facility surveys for network communications and makes recommendations to the Network Engineer for the layout and location of network components, equipment, cabling, and wiring.
? Perform troubleshoot and resolve complicated problems in relation to LAN and WAN systems.

Technical Consultant

? Ensure that the global IP/MPLS network is secure
? Design, Implement, monitor, and troubleshoot Cisco ASAs, AAA, VPNs
? Define two year network security road map for the company`s network
? Partner with other departments to ensure security compliance across the entire Network
? Administration, configuration & reporting of SSIM
? Administration, configuration & reporting of IBM proventia (GX5108)
? Handling the security incident, monitoring and response including event log monitoring, event correlation and analysis
? Troubleshooting of complex LAN/WAN infrastructure including routing protocols EIGRP, OSPF & BGP
? Lab testing & validation prior to implementation of Nexus 7K, 5K & 2K connecting to blade servers
? Settings of the networking devices (Cisco Router, switches) co-coordinating with the system/Network administrator during implementation
? Configuring network access servers and routers for AAA Security
? Documentation and change control
? Installed, analyzed, managed and optimized Local Area Network performance for various networking protocols, routing technology and network topologies to include TCP/IP, VLANS, Internet (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, TELNET, SMTP) various gateways and routing protocols and smart switches.

Senior Information Security Engineer
Information Security Analyst
? Analyze various computer operating systems and ensure better results and administer all management networking tools.
? Maintain and update knowledge on all LAN and WAN operating systems and assist Engineers in installing IT networks.
? Develop and upgrade an efficient network and perform troubleshoot on various network processes with help of monitoring tools.
? Evaluate and prepare survey reports to check performance of all networking systems.
? Maintain all monitoring servers through active participation and maintain tape library and ensure better network systems.
? Coordinate with various departments and establish effective communication with service providers to provide quality service.
? Administer and maintain Windows Active Directory for various third party applications.
? Collaborate with application vendors to offer efficient Network monitoring infrastructure for various application on 24x7 basis.
? Design and implement effective management information systems for various data protection systems.
? Monitor and manage computer operation systems, provide backup and assist in technical retrieval functions.
? Recommend, schedule, and perform network improvements activities
? Monitored and implemented Automated Information System (AIS) and IAVA security updates, patches and hot fixes.
? Perform ongoing hardware and software maintenance operations, including installing or upgrading hardware or software.
? Configure servers to meet functional specifications.

Technical Consultant
? Establish functional or system standards to ensure operational requirements, quality requirements, and design constraints are addressed.
? Evaluate existing Network systems to determine effectiveness and suggest changes to meet organizational requirements
? Research, test, or verify proper functioning of software patches and fixes.
? Communicate project information through presentations, technical reports
? Direct the installation of operating systems, network application software, or computer or network hardware.
? Provide guidelines for implementing secure systems to customers or installation teams.
? Provide technical guidance or support for the development or troubleshooting of systems.
? Monitor Network traffic and Application system operation to detect potential problems.
? Identify system data, hardware, or software components required to meet user needs.
? Direct the analysis, development, and operation of complete computer systems.
? Document design specifications, installation instructions, and other system-related information.
? Verify stability, interoperability, portability, security, or scalability of system architecture.
? Collaborate with engineers or software developers to select appropriate design solutions or ensure the compatibility of system components.
? Combines customer, industry and IBM directions into a comprehensive technology plan
? Works with the Account Team to reconcile business and technology into a solution

ISMS Consultant

Analyze business needs, design, implement and support Telecommunication/Network solutions on multiple architectures
? Provide Project Management and Engineering for Telecommunication/Network installations
? Upgrades and strategic initiatives
? Develop Team members through knowledge and skill transfer
? Provide advice on project costs, design concepts, or design changes
? Evaluate current or emerging technologies to consider factors such as cost, portability, compatibility, and usability
? Define and analyze objectives, scope, issues, or organizational impact of information systems
? Develop system engineering, software engineering, system integration for distributed system architectures
? Set policies and procedures for Life Cycle Management for computers, servers all associated network equipment and peripherals
? Consult with application development projects to fit systems to architecture and identify when it is necessary to modify the technical architecture to accommodate project needs.
? Oversee the evaluation and selection of hardware and software product standards, and the design of standard configurations.


Everything seems ok.

Just try to add few lines under isms consultant role

Eg elaborate more on

evaluating network firewall policies

Network intrusion prevention (IPS) policies as per recommended standards.

Few lines on network security and capacity planning.

Just to ensure they don't rule out the isms experience.
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