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Originally Posted by Donutz2 View Post
vIf you are a UK national then there is no mandatory insurance requirement for your non-EU spouse. Obviously though you want to have proper travel insurance regardless.

The EU/EEA family visa for your spouse will be issued for free (except for service charge if you chose to apply via the optional service provider VFS) , granted that you can 1) proof famiy relation to you by marriage 2) IDs of the both of you 3) that he joins you to Italy (such as a written statement by you). Answers marked with an * on the Schengen application form need not be answered (proof of funds, travel reservation, accomodation , insurance etc.).

EU – Travel documents for non-EU family members – Your Europe
I contacted the Greek embassy and they confirmed what you said above. My husband does not need travel insurance as he is married to a British citizen and is in receipt of LTR in the UK.

I have another question, we've also been looking at travelling to Croatia, but the visa process looks to be very protracted and costly. As the schengen visa for my husband is free and he only needs to prove he is married to me to qualify it makes sense to apply at the Greek embassy, but could we go to Croatia first, and Greece afterwards? Or do you have to visit the country you apply to first?

Thanks very much.