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Originally Posted by Michael Boni View Post
Hello Steve and Abbie from Atlanta. Thanks for replying back to us.

Are you considering renting or are you planning on buying something in Italy?

If you are renting a place have you done research in the areas of Luca and Ascoli to find out what the average per month rental amounts are?

Living in the U.S in Florida at this point of time we can go to Italy for three months at a time using our passports only I believe. If you both go to Italy for four months are you going to have to get a visa for extended stay there? My wife and I are Americans/Italian meaning all of our grandparents were born in Italy but they are all unfortunately deceased.

Please when you can reply back to us on all of this.


Michael and Palma
Renting first, then buying. Do not know much about monthly rentals but Ascoli will be much less than Lucca as it is far less well known as tourist destination. Since we are not planning to work at Italian job and have independent means we will be to get a long-term visa, I understand.
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