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Default Getting Tourist Visa while a 309 partner visa is in Progress..... Help & Info needed

Hi All,

I am an Australia PR and my wife applied for 309 Spouse Visa Online from Bangladesh on 29 Dec 2014. I understand it would take around 8-12 months to process as per the standard processing time since Bangladesh is a high risk country. We uploaded all the documents that we can think of like Medicals, marriage docs, wedding pictures, my sponsor documents, PCC , etc upfront so that whenever the case officer is assigned, he/she can give a quick decision. As of now we received 2 emails from DIAC just after submitting the application, one is an acknowledgement email from DIAC , second one is the email to do the Biometric identity verification which my wife completed on Jan 10 2015.

Now after 2 and half months, I want her to come and live with me in a tourist visa. I intend to bring her in Australia until the spouse visa decision is reached. So I am looking for a 1 year tourist visa.I understand she needs to get out of Australia if the visa is granted.

I am prepared the following documents for her:

1. My Bank Statement as a sponsor,
2. My employment Contract.
3. My Rental Agreement.
4. My Tax Documents.
5. The Acknowledge email we got after submitting the 309 spouse visa.
6. My Passport to show my permanent residency.
7. Her All document including passports, bank statement, etc.
8. Our marriage documents, wedding pictures ,etc.
9. My Invitation Letter.

Can someone can confirm whether the above documents is enough or not?

Also since we have to inform DIAC regarding her tourist visa, which email address should I sent the email? As stated earlier as of now , we received only 2 emails from DIAC from a Generic email address. Where can I get the email I should sent.? Or Should we inform the Australia Embassy at Dhaka regarding the tourist visa?

Another question is that, My wife currently works in a school as a teacher, since she intends to come here for more than 6-7 months, she will resign from her work. Will this be an issue while granting the tourist visa?

I want to show that the Main reason for my wife to return back would be when the 309 spouse visa will be granted. And she will abide the conditions.

Can some one help to get this answers?

Thanks Guys....
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