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This will be my last post on the subject.

Some additional links which I feel are adequately legitimate.

water press release

Translated version of Information provided by students at a school in Larissa where they give the history of water in Larissa including the fact that they no longer get their water from the river but from wells and that this water contains nitrates.

Translated version of Hopefully this is legitimate enough for you. Particularly note the end of page 4 Article V.

Originally Posted by liquid8urn View Post
NExt time you make statements like this "Ummm, the next time you wipe your feet all over someone else's post you might want to check your facts first" you better check the VALIDITY of what you consider facts.

I did some research on the links you provided:
The second article is not about the drinking water in the city of Larissa, it's about a study of groundwater in various agricutlural areas of THessaly, incl. Magnesia, ie Volos (Groundwater = Water below the earth's surface)

Same difference since Larissa no longer gets its water from the river. They had to stop because it was too polluted and it dried up every summer. They now use water from wells... the water of which is GROUNDWATER.

As for the first article, it's a blog without any scientific support, and who is the ownder of the blog? It looks like a political blog to me and knowing very well the political trends and motives in Larissa I can easily ignore it. I am sure if they live in Larissa they drink the tap water. How can you be sure?

Even there is an enviromental problem with the river (and I won't disagree there might be) we are talking about the drinking water that reaches homes, not the river or the underground water. There was an issue of the drinking water some years ago and I remember announcements in the local tv stations and papers that provided evidence about this. That's right. We are talking about the drinking water that reaches homes.

DEYAL is the water company of Larissa and if you don't understand Greek ask someone to read this for you:

Dear DD, stop relying so much on information on the internet, quite often it is not updated or misinformation. that's my advice.
So I suppose all the stories on the news in recent years are bogus? Thanks but I prefer to take my own advice. Which includes using a water filter.