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Smile Moving to Larissa

Hi, Canadagirl.

I'm an American living in Volos (about 45 minutes from Larissa).

Larissa is a city which gets its wealth from the surrounding farms. So Larissa is basically a farming community. (They grow a lot of cotton, unfortunately, which means they have lousy water quality. I would plan on having a water filter or buying all drinking water. Cotton requires lots of pesticides.)

Anyway, the advantage to this is that they do have money in the city unlike Volos. I have a bookcrossing friend who is in Larissa and would be a great contact for you. He speaks really good English. He tells me that it is possible to get quite good money doing private lessons in Larissa. Particularly for a native speaker like yourself.

Also, there is a military base, NATO if I recall correctly, so there is an international community AND an international school there. I can't tell you much else than that. I've only been to Larissa about a dozen times or so and usually connected with hospital visits (my youngest son was born at their university hospital).

But you can hop on the train and come to Volos if you want. Volos has the reputation for have the most ouzeries and the best. And we have a Foreign Women's group that meets every two weeks on Sundays.

Anyway, hope that helps. Let me know if you would like me to help you connect with my bookcrossing friend.

If you haven't already seen it, check out the Wikipedia entry on Larissa.


Originally Posted by canadagirl View Post
I'm movong to Larissa after living in Athens for a while. Can anyone tell me anything about it? I'm a yoga teacher and pilates teacher who has also been teaching english to children while here. Are there any expats in Lariss? What is the job market there? Any info is much apreciated!