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You have come to right place as you will get all the advice you need to get everything set right if that is your desire. I don't know know enough to give specific advice and I tend to get emotional and go off on tirades against the USG but you will get advice here. You can do it yourself or get an accountant to help you. Your cost will be accountant fees if you choose that route, no taxes owed based on your income level and no penalties at all because you have a valid excuse. If penalties are threatened or levied tell'em to take hike and pound sand or salt or whatever. The US govt is a multilimbed beast and the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing does not know what the right foot is doing does not know what the left foot is doing etc. Each branch seems to only know what you tell them , they don't tell each other anything. Relax and heed the advice that will come .
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