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[QUOTE=synthia;63473]I moved the thread hear so some of our excellent Thailand residents will see your post.[/Q

Thanks Synthia.

I have contacted the various helplines in the UK as to what would be available, but they are pretty cagey and it would all depend on his personal assessement. Apparantly if you haven't lived in the uk for the last 12 months, despite being a uk citizen, you aren't entitled to nhs care atall. With regards to social services, they may look into your N>I. contributions (of which he made few if any), so it all depends on the luck of the drawer as to how sympathetic or not they want to be.

So nothing in the UK is certain atall in that regard.

The reasons I would like to try and see if the hospital are able to provide an English speaking carer is that I can't communicate with him on the phone as to how well he is doing, nor do I speak thai. In addition, I think it would be good for him to hear some English.

Anyway, he has now stabilised over night following the recent attack and I am waiting to hear from my father as to whether he regains full conciousness when he awakes.