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Default Advice on Very ill in Thailand

HI. My uncle, aged approx 75 has lived in Pattaya Thailand for the last 20 or so years.

He recently has had a second stroke, and is left with his voice box paralised, and half his body paralised. He is all there "up there". He is obviously quite low, with very little contact with British people. Prior to this he was a party animal and as you can imagine, he's really low and desperate.

My father (70 years old) has spent the last week in Pattaya assessing the situation which is how I know what state he's in.

He has 2 thai girl carers, provided by the hospital he was in, neither of whom speak English, and he is apparantly very low and even asking them to push him off of the balcony. When I phone him, he can't speak, and they don't speak English, so its hard to find out how he is.

We are looking at the options for what to do next. Money is obviously an issue, as the sort of care he needs in the UK is going to be more than he or we can afford. If he were to stay around Pattaya Thailand, does anyone know if there is a residential care centre for the elderly who aren't mobile? He was in the Bangkok Pattaya hospital, but what he needs now is aftercare.

Does anyone know what, if anything he would be entitled to in the UK regarding benefits/medical etc if he were to return??

Is there anyone english speaking in Pattaya who could visit him every now and again to chat away to him a bit and cheer him up??

I am a single mum with a yound daughter at school, and live in France, so there is nothing I can do, and I am worried for my dad too as it seems alot for him to take on. He has to return to the Uk on the 15th as he is still working.

Any advice/help much appreciated