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Originally Posted by abby View Post
may check out one of those thanks.
not sure where in brisbane we are going. an old friend of my husbands dad has offered us his granny annex till we are on our feet then i think we are looking at going to the same area as you.
we now live near andover in hampshire . you ?.
are you going to do a bit of beauty therepy when you get out there ?
we dont have an agent yet . any recommendations ?

Hi Abby
That would be a good start for you give you a base while you look for something bigger and hopefully save you some money as well, I am living just out side Dublin , yep i think i will there seems to be a high demand but i think i rather be my own boss and work from home or in a few years have my own salon. all depends on how we a re doing.

we spoke with gomatilda Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - Visa, Tax and Financial Planning for Australia - 5k they were very nice and work out the payments in stages we found a guy in cork who is registered but only looks after a small few his web address is have a look at Australian Immigration. Information and consultations for determining your eligibility to migrate to Australia. - 17k cat vouch for them though just make sure they are registered normally its free for a consultation and it lets you know were you stand straight away also gives you an idea how straight forward your application will be some times if it straight forward you would manage with out an agent we are only using our for the tra as after that ours is fairly straight forward. I cant rem if i mentioned this but there will be an australian expo on
Venue Date Expo Website
Dublin, Ireland 20 - 21 October 2007 The Down Under Expo The Down Under Expo - Discover Australia and New Zealand
Manchester, England 27 -28 October Opportunities Australia Expo Opportunities Australia - EXP07
London, England 3 - 4 November 2007 Opportunities Australia Expo Opportunities Australia - EXP07
The following expos will also be held in 2007.

Venue Date Expo Website
York, England 29 - 30 September 2007 Emigrate York Guide to Emigrating Abroad, Advice & Information on Overseas Emigration
Warwickshire, England 6 7 October 2007 Emigrate Coventry Guide to Emigrating Abroad, Advice & Information on Overseas Emigration

there will be lots of agents there and officials for the Australian government banks and all that well worth a visit
well im writing an essay here so ill stop let me know how you get on with finding an agent