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Originally Posted by abby View Post
Hi niamh,
thanks for your reply

we will be going over on me as i am a hairdresser but i cannot start application untill march as i have been working part time for 10 years but they need you to have done more than 20 hours a week so i have put my hours up now and need to have worked them before i can apply. ( all very technical )
Im determined to get there though.
We want to go to brisbane as my husband knows someone over there in real estate who can give him a job.
where do you want to go ?

We are heading to Brisbane as well my husband is a welder and his best friend lives there and they will be working together when we move over. were about in Brisbane are you heading we will be up on the sunshine coast. hairdressing a good trade to have very highly sought after over in OZ apparently its hard to get good hairdressers and Beauty therapist (thats what I do) in Australia. pity they wont take the amount of years you have worked in to consideration instead of the hours per week. how long will it be before you can apply, did you talk to any agents yet. were are you living now there is an expo in Dublin this month and i know there is one in London in November as well as other locations around england have you been to one they are very good .you can find out lots at them.

the waiting to do any thing is such a pain isn't it