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Default Affordable Care Act

I moved from the US (Las Vegas) to my home in the Philippines in July. I didn't signup for Obamacare as it was too expensive. A bronze plan on the Nevada health exchange was 640 dollars a month with a 12,000 deductible. I am 63 and my wife is 49. That's not exactly "affordable" health care if you get my drift. It's basically 640 a month for catastrophic coverage. Now I am in a position where I subject to the ACA penalty as I did not meet the 330 day out of country requirement. My wife however will meet the 330 day requirement and should be exempt from the penalty. Has anyone seen the "new" IRS tax forms? I have been Googling and Googling to no avail. I did see some "drafts" and on the 1040 draft was a line item relating to the ACA and the penalty but it referred you to the "instructions" but of course I can't find the "instructions" anywhere on the internet. My question is what proof does the IRS want to see to prove that you have been out of the country and hence exempt from the ACA? Will the Philippine address on the 1040 suffice? Do they want to see a visa?
I realize that the ACA is not ready for primetime but this is ridiculous as there is very little information out there relative to expats and the ACA. I was curious how much the same plan was going to in 2015 and guess what? It's now 740 a month with a 12,600 dollar deductible. That's a 15% premium increase and a 600 dollar deductible increase. Thanks Obama, your ACA was a big factor in my decision to live in the Philippines permanently!

PS. I am a newbie to the forum and spent most of the day going though old posts. This is a great resource for expats!
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