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Originally Posted by cvgtpc1 View Post
Originally Posted by SublationUSAF View Post
This statement is more false than any other I've ever read.

I've been all over Philippines, the problem is that they let TOO MANY in their home. It is not odd to see the entire barangay outside your house sharing your television through open windows.

It is very common for Filipinos to walk right up to someone's window and look in.

Which is how westerners get caught unexpectingly by intruders or robbers. Complacency to the common environment is number one way to become a victim.

My wife is still laughing at the statment Filipinos don't let anyone in their home. Maybe in quezon city.... but outside of Cebu and Manila I've seen a the opposite is true. They are naively welcoming.
Family might not have counted in that original statement....

Even non family the practice is common to allow others in and around the home. I was always uneasy about looking in someone's window , because an American would NEVER look in a house's window unless they were up to no good.
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