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We, too, like to cook and we have found most everything we need - although fresh herbs have been harder to come by. Of the items you list, I have seen everything except: dried limes/lemons (though fresh are available); qasuri methi and zatar (I admit I don't know what these are so I haven't been looking for them!); I recently went looking for fennel seeds and could not find them in the supermarket but did find them in a chain of specialty stores called "Healthy Options." In fact, that store carries a number of items not found in our supermarket (couscous, various grains, cornmeal, etc.) as well as a broader (and more expensive!) selection of herbs and spices than the grocers.
One lesson I learned is the importance of "stocking up." Just because a store has something today does not mean that they will have it tomorrow. Or ever again. Thus, I no longer say, "I'll come back for that later..." A related lesson is to plan meals according to what the store has in the produce section on any given day. For instance, celery, green onions, and zucchini are sometimes available, sometimes not in our market (though, presumably, I could travel to other supermarkets and find them).
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