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Originally Posted by Cebu Citizen View Post
I guess I am spoiled with the US Policies...once you have your passport, you are ready to travel with the exception of an occasional Visa. Not so with the Philippines...a Passport there means nothing because they are required to provide so much more documentation to travel on even the shortest and simplest trips.
Exactly. Three weeks ago we were coming back to KSA after our vacation in the US. For some reason, we had problems with our ticketing between United and Lufthansa, and our luggage was dumped off in Frankfurt. We had to go to the gate our Lufthansa flight was leaving from to finally get things fixed, but we still had to go retrieve our luggage and get it re-checked onto Luft.

We get to the area to get the luggage, and German Immigration lets me through, but holds her up for not having a visa. I had to leave her and go do everything alone. All I could do was make her go back to the gate and wait for me. Luckily, we had a five hour layover there. An hour later, I finally showed back up.

Needless to say, she was very happy. She was petrified about being alone there.

Our immigration attorney told us to leave her passport in her maiden name for now. She has two. Her original with the US Visa that is from the batch that fell apart years ago (big scandal about it, I hear), and the new one that is not falling apart.

Because of being in KSA, we keep the wedding papers with us all the time we are together, even in the US.
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