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Users Flag! Originally from uk. Users Flag! Expat in canada.

Do you know where in the province you would like to be?

The price of houses in Nova Scotia varies widely depending on area. You can find some incredibly cheap houses in the far reaches of the province and some super expensive ones in Halifax, Lunenburg and Wolfville. The problem with the really cheap houses is that they are far far away from any kind of job, but if you have a way of making money regardless of location then this may suit you. I'm sure that you already have looked at this, but if not (sorry can't post links yet!) will give you a better idea about what is out there.

Some places have pretty high property taxes where others don't so much. If you live in a town you can end up paying tax to both the county and the town, where as if you live just outside the town limits you would only pay county taxes.

As sarahchick said, dairy is much more expensive than in the uk or other parts of Canada due to it being unsubsidized. Food in general can be a little expensive, but there are always bargains to be had if you know where to look (lobster directly from fishermen, veggies straight from farmers etc)

As for cars, I'm not really sure! When I was trying to buy a car there didn't seem to be a derth of second hand cars available. Insurance was a big shock!

Something to take into consideration also is the cost of heating your house through the winter, as if you are relying on electricity or even oil heating the costs can soon mount up.

I lived in Nova Scotia for five years when I first came to Canada, and I have to say that the people are the nicest that you will find anywhere. I had many friends that were able to make a living working for themselves, doing something that they love and being happy because the cost of living isn't impossibly high.