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Originally Posted by Nova scotia here we come View Post
General ideas on what things cost?

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I just left Halifax a month and a half ago.

I've lived in 3 provinces in Canada - and I'd have to say Nova Scotia is expensive in some things and cheap in others. Eating out, after living in Montreal for 3 years, was excruciatingly expensive in Halifax by comparison. (Granted, Montreal is blissfully cheap when you know the scene.) Milk and dairy items are another thing that is more expensive in Nova Scotia where in Quebec it is subsidized by the government and therefore cheaper. Tuition for university is some of the most expensive in the country in Nova Scotia.

If you live in Halifax your rent, by my expectations, can be expensive for what you get but isn't comparable to living downtown Toronto.

Taxes are relatively high and opportunity is low so that makes Nova Scotia, even if it is moderately priced in the cost of living, a difficult place to live for some. But if you're moving there with a good job ahead of you then you'll likely find everything to be just fine!

The people are very friendly, even if they refer to you as "from away." They're helpful and generous!