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Hi there.

We are looking to move to Abu Dhabi in August/Sept and just starting to look for work. Luckily we can stay at my inlaws flat as long as needed but it means us and 2 kids crammed into 1bedroom (so for a year it'll do but if we decide not to come back then we may want to find our own or larger housing).

What I have been told both on here and by my inlaws who are raised over there:

1) Average nursery/school charges are 30,000AED (PER CHILD) a year NOT including uniform, stationary, books and trips out. You do however have a choice of American schools, British schools, Pakistani schools etc to suit your educational needs.

2) Medical insurance should cover your whole family if your husband is the sponsor (I believe Abu Dhabi is the only place that makes medical insurance COMPULSORY. The range they pay you though depends on your position)

3) If one partner takes company benefits like plane tickets home and company housing etc, as an actual ticket in your hand and discount on the rent rather than getting extra money monthly to make it up yourself, then the other person can STILL claim similar expenses but they will only be paid in cash. Not sure how employers would know unless you work for the same company though *confused* (Not too relevant for yourself but thought I'd say that in case it helps anyone else).

4) Company buses may be more reliable but I hear that the local public buses are horrendously unreliable. I have been advised it's better to drive yourself or use taxis.

5)The law as I understand it is you need to be earning basic wage of 10,000AED a month before allowances in order to sponsor your partner and family. Your choice of lifestyle will depend a lot on how much you realistically need though. Me and my husband both intend on working and aren't interested on anything below £11,000 AED each before allowances, just to be on the safe side. We keep getting told that western expats/workers earn more than eastern people with the same experience but as we are young we aren't sure exactly how far we can push our wage bracket.

Also you still have to pay income tax to the UK for the financial year in which you move, so if you move this year you still have to pay income tax up until April 2012....however you can STILL claim child benefit as long as you are paying income tax =)

If you leave the UK for good then you either tell Inland Rev when you leave and they wont charge you at all or you can pay income tax and if you haven't returned after 2years you can ask about getting a tax refund. However if you don't pay income tax and return within 2years Inland Rev will chase you for the period of tax you should have been paying.

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