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I wish your husband all the very best for his interview BUT now (see my thread re Change of Mind) I wouldn't trust the info you have been provided (even that in writing) as far as I could throw it - bitter and twisted, moi??. I have found that an excellent source of info is the Explorer series of books - there is one on Abu Dhabi and another on Dubai. The company who stuck it to me was based in AD but I was told that the majority of expat staff actually lived in Dubai and commuted daily. The books give info on everything - clinics/hospitals, schools, housing (rental or purchase). Pretty good really - got 2 going cheap!!

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My husband is attending and interview this week for a position with a large production company in Abu Dhabi. We are currently in the UK. We don't know the wage to be offered, as there is some negotiation, however they have general pay scales, (which they won't disclose until after interview). I have some details about rough allowances they offer, and would appreciate if anyone could give us some information as to the wage range we should be looking at aquiring in order to be able to live well in Abu Dhabi.

A brief overview of our situation, we are married with a 1 year old son, and a baby due in Nov 2011. Deployment for his position is around July time.

The details we have of allowances then are as follows:

There are two options for housing, 1) live out of company accomodations and keep general allowance intact. 2) live in accomodation and have monthly deduction from general allowance. If you choose option one, they provide and annual housing advance - interest free - which is then deducted on a monthly basis from general allowance.

Transport - they provide an allowance paid as part of general allowance. but also provide a free bus service to and from place of work if you live in company accomodation.

They offer an annual bonus of up to 3 months basic salary.

Education allowance of up to 12,000 AED, per child up to 2 children, up to 18 years of age.

They provide annual holiday tickets which are paid into general monthly allowance.

They also provide life assurance and medical health assurance in line with company policy.

Taking all of this into account, how much would a good general allowance be to support two children? I do plan on working as well once my second child is a little older, but for now it needs to be based on my husbands wage.

Also, how much does the company have to provide for my husbands dependants and myself. Do they have to provide medical cover for us all, or is there no obligation there?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!