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Default So, Parma?

As you might gather from my handle I had hoped to retire in Roma but it just seems unaffordable. After U.S. taxes and U.S. healthcare (I would probably return for anything major) I will probably have around 1500E/month to play around with. Lacking Roma, Parma seems just about ideal; reputedly good food, interesting on its own, and central to many other cities. Checking out immobiliare{dot}it it seems like there are a lot of affordable (<700E/mo) furnished apartments in the central district (getting too old to drive, hope to have no car). So, here's the questions:
1) Is this site a reliable tool?
2) Should a single increasingly elderly American live in the central district?
3) I really really really don't want to have to screw around getting utilities in my name; how do I ask for "utilities included"? Willing to pay extra for the convenience. I just want to be handed a key to a "turn key" livable space.
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