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Originally Posted by rsetzer99 View Post
While retirement is nearly 5 years out, we feel it is never to early to start planning, researching and learning Italian.

We are currently pretty firm that we want to retire to Italy, and are giving serious consideration to the Abruzzo area. We are planning a trip to both visit close friends in Milan and spend about four days down in Abruzzo to get impressions on what we might favor. Larger town or smaller village.

Just how essential would a renting a car be? Say we spent a day in Pescano, a day in Teramo, perhaps another day in Penne. We would be there to just sample the town, not tour the countryside. Is train and bus sufficient? Perhaps supplement with taxi?

As I will be getting to Pescara via train from Milan, it seems it might be a hassle to haul myself out to the airport to rent a car and return it to same.
you need to rent a car public transport is useless only realy does shcool runs

taxis are few and far between and damb exspencive verry if you need a car i know some one who will rent you one and does drop ofs were you want and auto shift if you want let me know if you want his contact details

getting back to logistics in abruzzo you can travel for twenty miles and only get forward ten in some areas in abruzzo you have to go round the hills

we learnt this verry quikly when we got here ten years ago what looks like a half an hour on the map can take an hour especaly in the north of abruzzo or the south . the roads are more derect in the center where we live if you need any more help feel free to ask
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