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am not sure how to start..
I think i got screwed, i came here dreaming about a career and a good future although i have a college degree, but after spending 2 months here looking for a job i got stuck in this ****ty job which giving me nothing and it is not what i wanted to have in here but everyone advised to take it and then i'll look for another thing, but now i do not know how to get a job in a free-zone but i don't have time.
i think the whole Dubai thing is a big myth and it is about luck , its not about your experience and your field. it is about luck.
what i needed was to get a job in the media field and to be creative and work on marketing and so on. and what i got is a customer service in a ****ty office where i spend the day hours listening and solving problems.

i think you should stuck with the field you like and do not look at the salary cause at the end your happiness and satisfaction more important than money.