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Originally Posted by AmericanWantsToLeave View Post
My dad thinks I'm an idiot for wanting to leave the US and says I'd be paying a huge amount in taxes to both countries and such. This is my only way to leave the US it seems, as these highly nationalist and strict immigration laws in place in Australia, Canada, and England only punish people like me: those who want to move there and be a good citizen and pay my taxes and obey the law and do it the right way simply because I don't have a job in a certain field. That's why they have people overstay their visas and remain illegally because to illegally immigrate is the only way to get in!
It sounds more like your father loves his son and doesn't want to lose him. And if you were to add on all the negative things he heard form his parents and grandparents you'd understand better. I wouldn't let something like high or double taxing deter you, or any other type of illegality. Once you have your citizenship you are legal to enter and stay for as long as you like. And if this is what you really want then I would go for it. But as an older and wiser man I suggest you test the waters first.
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