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Originally Posted by AmericanWantsToLeave View Post
I've known for a while now that I want to leave the United States, but I wasn't sure where I'd go or how to get there with all the strict immigration laws in place in Australia, Canada, and England. However, I discovered that I may have a claim to birthright Italian citizenship.

My great-grandfather emigrated to the United States in 1905 and never renounced his Italian citizenship. He fathered my grandfather in 1932, who fathered my father in 1958, and here I am, born in 1995. According to the Italian Consulate's website, birthright citizenship extends to the direct descendants with no limit on generations. I'm going to give the Italian consulate in Detroit a call (I'm from Michigan) and see what they can do for me, however if I'm entitled to citizenship, I have a feeling that I have a flight to Rome in my near future.
It sounds like you are in a similar situation that I was in years ago. I was taking Italian lessons back in 1991 at a local college when a girl in my class told me about dual citizenship. I'll never forget the moment when she told me to.. "hurry up" because they were putting limit restrictions on granting Italian citizenship's at the time.

So, I inquired about it at the Newark, NJ consulates office. I can't exactly remember how the conversation went but I inherited the citizenship through my grandfather. I found his entry papers in Jersey City records office and made a copy and brought it back to the consulates office. My grandfather entered the United States in 1913, my father was born in 1917, making my father an Italian citizen according to the Italian government.

There was a law (that I can't remember) passed in the United States during 1933. My grandfather didn't become an American citizen until 1948 which made it possible for me to recognized by the Italian government as an Italian national. If my grandfather became an American citizen before '33 then I'm pretty sure that would have excluded me from becoming an Italian citizen.

The whole process went quite easy for me. I'm sure that things have changed but it seems that they put restrictions whenever corruption is uncovered. I've heard of a number of consulates selling citizenship's and losing their position for it. I really think they (Italian government) don't like it when things spiral out of control, plus it's not fair to those who have (Jus Sanguinis)the right of blood inheritance as the Italian government intended long ago.
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