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Originally Posted by Saiudyan View Post
Hi, Can somebody advice me how do i proceed. I got a job offer by email from company in NewZealand.

1. Should i get the company apply for Job Visa ? or apply PR ?

2. How long will it take for Job Visa ?

3. How long will it take to get the PR visa with job offer ?

Company want to commence job ASAP.

Please advise.


1. It's your visa so you'll have to apply with your company supporting you. The visa you go for all depends how quickly you want to be in NZ.
If you apply for a Temporary Work Visa then these are usually granted quickly (sometimes within a week or two) depending if you have all the paperwork in order. If awarded you can travel immediately but you must travel within 3 months.

If you go for Resident Visa (not PR as that isn't available to you) via SMC with a job offer then that may take 5-9 months assuming all your paperwork in order, so will cause a delay.

2. If your paperwork in order, a week, 2 weeks, at worst up to a month. All depends how prepared you are.

3. 5-9 months. You still have to submit EOI, get it selected, a month for preliminary checking, up to 4 months for ITA and then CO processing time.

If you want to be here quickly I'd go the Temporary Work Visa route and then apply for Resident Visa at a later stage when in NZ.

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