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Originally Posted by collizz View Post

I'm sorry to say that you will not have the same support as in the UK or the US. I'm not sure of the age of your son but if he is of school age then you would have to send him to public school. I wouldn't advise on an Italian school but rather St. George's British School or St. Stephens (American). I'm not sure that they have the possibilities to help but if they do I'd opt to go with them. There are some afterschool programs but tend to be only for a few hours a week. If he's over 16 then you may have problems placing him .

If your son is of preschool age, he would have to attend the local nursery's as there aren't any school who cater towards this need. In fact I'm in the process of opening up preschools and a Foundation (in Tuscany) for this specific need - based on the methodologies of the Devereux Foundation in the US (who will be parterning with us).

I do know that there are many families who are having problems- if you would need further help please feel free to contact me and I will help in whatever way I can. Unfortunately it will probably be another year before I get anything up and running (it's been a few years just to get to this point - due to the red-tape).

Again, if you need some help or advice please feel free to contact me via our website. The Dalia Center - Cura per Bisogni Speciali (it's still in start-up phase but you can send an email via the site).


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hi what is wrong whith italian schools a freand of mine english came here 30 years ago and put her then young children though the italian sythem one is a artist one a top chef with his own resturant another a scientist
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