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Thanks. You definitely brought up some points I hadn't thought about. Yeah I've already experienced that money request from family deal...I'm sending her 17 year old sister to college now...and Dad gets a few thousand "P" a month too. My wife was working at a Mall in Dubai when we met & after her contract ran out last year I got her to go home which she did as far as going to her sister & brother-in-laws in Paranaque. She was considered the "bread winner" for the family since she was un-married & working over-seas and they pretty much expected to receive most of her wages every month which they did because it is her family. Now that we are married & I am American they still want her to support them...more now than before I feel. I feel the tension when I am there...even though everybody is friendly I feel like a big gobbler the day before Thanksgiving!!! Don't get me wrong...I love her family but I just don't see where I can continue to support them forever & us have a family too. No matter I am glad that she is out of the Middle East & I will be too within this year. In Dubai especially I continuously saw the foreign workers abused & misstreated & the UAE cops could care less. The Emirates & mostly 99% of all the Arabs treat all their workers like trash...especially the tiny little Filipinas...they know if they go to the Authorities they'll just be deported & lose their income...most don't even bother to complain...even after being physically abused & raped. It is sad & makes me sick every time I go through there & see it.
Any way I am definitely going to start looking at the Central Luzon area or South East...may be around old Subic...I am familiar with that general area from my Marine Corps days back in the early '80s.
I hope to hear more from you in the future. I notice you post here a lot...I look forward to corresponding with you again.

Thanks again,
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