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Default Power of Attorney in UK - Just in Case?

Thanks to Forum members who have responded to my questions in the past!

We relocated from the States to Edinburgh mid-2010. We have realized, belatedly, that we have made no provision for what would happen to our small children if something happened to us (hit by bus sort of thing). We have arrangements in the States for family members to exercise Power of Attorney to care for/adopt our children. But if something happened to us here, it would take time for those individuals to get to the UK and make arrangements to bring our kids to the States. In the meantime, we have no idea what would happen to our kids here.

We would like to authorize one of our close friends in Edinburgh to be responsible for our children during that interim time (she has agreed to do so). I looked up "power of attorney" and was directed to file a "Lasting Power of Attorney" with the Office of the Public Guardian, which would cost 120 per person per filing. But I looked at the form and it seems to deal with property and financial issues, rather responsibility for our children. As the majority of our assets are held in the US, and we have made arrangement for all that, we're less concerned about that than ensuring that our kids are taken care of.

Is the Lasting Power of Attorney the right thing? Do we need to file one for each of us? How do we ensure it covers care of our kids?

Thanks for any advice!