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Originally Posted by megansdad View Post
Hey, you are very wise to do loads of research prior to moving.
I left Wales and moved to the US to be with my american wife, we decided after a trip to NZ to move and we have been here for 2yrs now. Yes there are good and bad,
the good,
beaches quiet,
people friendly,

not so good,
cost of living in proportionally expensive
2 companies ultimately own all stores-result-fixed prices
tradesmen hearing an accent add a %% to the bill [we have tested this as we have a kiwi who works for us in our office, so the 3 of us have called for quotes, American accent got most expensive, my accent second, Kiwi cheapest.
vertually all our new goods bought have had to be returned/changed or mended within a short space of time, Murrano [Nissan] cooker, fridge, washing machine, iron [on number 3 now] kettle [number 2] our solid wood furniture,,, sideboard has spilt twice, chair seats split, our very [stuipidly so] expensive bed and furniture are all not good, doors no longer fit that have been replaced in the house [which is 5yrs old] and I could go on.

I wonder if second class goods are sent here, alot is made in a country known for poor quality.
The attitude from companies tend to be [not all the time but mostly] "well u need to get blah blah done and if I dont do it,, u dont have a choice.

There is a clear lack of competition, NZ would be greatly enhanced by IKEA, Lidl or Aldi,,,, ok they may not be good either but people would see how much the Great Kiwi Rip off [as we call it] is taking effect.
Ok people can say,,,, prices are due to imported goods,,, well if that was the case home made goods, meat, dairy etc would be far cheaper. My parents in Wales can buy New Zealand lamb and Anchor butter far cheaper than I can here.

I miss history,, though I didnt anticipate this when looking to move here-thats kinda odd really.

Generally houses are not built with heating or A/C though new houses may be,, the attitude seems to be put a jumper on if cold, and open a window when hot. Hummidity is also an issue and we had a system placed in the house to allegedly help remove this .

Also if you are looking to come,,, may I suggest you research where the biting flies are/are not,,,, we did check and asked the real estate agent and we were told no, not where we were looking to buy a house, we bought the house and I am basically bitten everyday-regardless of repellent.

I am aware this may make scary reading, and I am sure there are many many people who have had a wonderful experience, however this has been ours.
I take it by referring to 2 companies you are referring to the 2 chains that operate the various Food Supermarkets (Stores)

As for being overcharged for your accent, never experienced that in my 8 years of employing tradesmen getting quote & I certainly Do Not Have a Kiwi Accent.

Cannot believe you have had so much bad luck with appliances especially as most goods are manufactured in a number of different countries.

When I arrived in NZ I bought a complete house full of furniture & appliances & in 8 years the only thing I ever took back was a Juicer which broke after 10 months use every day. On production of my receipt (which is proof of guarantee/warranty validity) the assistant cheerfully replaced it with a brand new replacement.

I cannot believe overseas companies single NZ out to send their second class goods, you cannot seriously believe that.

If you want Ikea you have a choice I imported a complete kitchen with accessories from Australia even taking into account the cost of my return air ticket & shipping it was much cheaper than any kitchen I had priced locally. So you have a choice & incidentally most of the components of the kitchen were manufactured in countries other than Australia yet that kitchen has stood up to 8 years of my use & 2 years from 2 lots of tenants who might not have been as careful as I would be.

Yes & you can buy NZ lamb & butter etc cheaper out of NZ & it was the same 59 years ago when I used to buy NZ goods in UK. The reason being they are subsidised. Often many countries also export their best fruit etc. All about exports which every country needs for it's balance of payments.
As for insect bites, have fly screens fitted.

My house has central heating & is insulated & being 80 years old well built with ventilation & does not suffer from humidity problems. Modern houses are so well sealed they sweat.
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