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Originally Posted by Marianne2010 View Post
Ask everybody about his/her home country... there is always something they don't like... And if they are bold enough to make the move to another country or even other countries they will always compare what they gain with what they gave up. It's human nature.
Some things I don't like in France. Some I liked in NZ or USA or Canada or any other country I visited/stayed in/worked in. Even if you try to fit in, you will always think of the past... and how you dreamt of a future that cannot be filled by the reality. It's because that's it: a dream. A dream of escaping from what you live actually, a dream of a better life for you and your kids.
As I wrote before, nobody can tell you how you will like or not a country. And as countries are not where you live, because you live in a city, a neighborhood, and every one is different from the other in terms of climate, facilities, schools, crime rate, asking generally if "NZ is bad" "Canada is good" "Could I fit in France" has no meaning whatsoever. The answers either. Whatever the reasons you want to leave a country for another, don't investigate on the net... go there. You are not living in a computer!

Very true.

Ah Lyon -wonderful restaurants, must try & revisit there again before I head back to NZ
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