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Originally Posted by BellaItalia View Post

I am wondering if you could share with me what kind of replies you recieved?

I am a teacher at an international school in Trieste, Italy with an austistic student whose parents (they are Italian) do no accept that he is autistic. From my experience thus far in this position there is a lack awareness about Autism and not a lot of understanding or acceptance of it.

Thank you!


Sorry I just chanced upon your msg.
I believe that parents do not accept diagnosis of ASD given all the negative information posted all over.
Perhaps good to start with letting them know what the person with ASD can do.
I think that may work with the parents. The fact is they already know what their child cannot do! They need someone to tell them what he/she can do!
Eventually, after some success with intervention, parents will be more open to discuss about ASD to accelerate progress.
Glad the child is in your class as you sound like a really concerned teacher
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