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Originally Posted by pooji View Post
we have just received an offer from saudi it is $14000/month all inclusive, i have a good idea of living in dubai, but have no clue as to how much cost of living is in saudi ,we might be in riyadh or jiddah deponds where the company posts him,
we would really appreciate anyone who has lived in saudi or if you how much it will cost to rent a 3 bed villa , we have one primary school going child .Is this package going to be enough for spending and saving, all your help and advice is needed.

Personally I would stay away from Saudi. Since you are moving from Canada ( I think) you are used to a lifestyle - which unfortunately is a lot different than Saudi. Dubai gives all the comforts that we are all used to. Saudi is a lot more conservative- they follow Sharia, women are not allowed to have a driving license and not allowed to work and I believe that the education system is not even close to Dubai. If I were you, I would think very carefully about the decision from kids perspective. Lastly Arabic is very widely used in that country. If you would like to talk to me please feel free to PM me.

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