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14000 in what currency? If you mean Dirhams or Riyals then by no means is that enough. Living in KSA is not as costly as Dubai mostly because there is really nothing to spend your money on! Most contracts include full housing. SO not sure of the cost for that. Our kids went to the American International School Riyadh, as I recall it was a little less that schools in Dubai, but not much and that was about 4 yrs ago. Best to choose a "western" style compound. Those compounds don't have a Mosque on the grounds. And you can move freely about the compound in terms of dress. ALso keep in mind that you don;t have the option to drive in Riyadh, so you will need a driver or take a taxi to get out and about.
Feel free to ask if you have more questions. We were in Riyadh for a few years and truly loved it.