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Default removing people fromyour property

Originally Posted by Canadacanary View Post
Hi, my parents are Greek and I was born in Greece. They have property in Greece which my father decided to allow an Albanian family to occupy in exchange for repairs and up keep on the property. Both parents are now ill and living in Canada. I was told that the Albanian family might have squatter's rights and that I will not be able to reclaim the property. Is this true? I have little money and fear that this property will slip away from our family. Can anyone offer advice? thanks
hello,your case is a little distressing but my husband who is greek says that you sure can get them out,they are not squatters,he says you must take all your legal papers from the property they are in,the title deeds to a lawyer here in Athens,if thats where the property is,and actually squatters get thrown out anyway.Get a signed affidavit from your parents about the circumstances of them being in the property,your lawyer will push papers through the court,once the court says......out...they get a few months to go,after that you can put their stuff on the street if they dont budge.My husbands mother had to use a lawyer and the courts to get a woman out,you dont have to appear in court,the cost really was not much a few hundred so you should start the procedure as soon as possible,they have no legal right to your property and they cannot prove squatters rights,as I said,squatters have to go in the end,do not be intimidated,use the court.
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