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Originally Posted by raohimanshu01 View Post
Hi All,

I have just been rejected from Vic SS. Now NSW doesn't have my occupation in the list (Software Tester). Only option left now is ACT ? Do anybody have an idea what are the chances of software tester coming in the latest list ? and when the list is coming out ?

Also , i am thinking of re applying ACS for software engineer or ICT sytem test engineer , that would give me more chances of getting selected after 6 months in victoria and in other states ? should i go for ACS or wait ?

Opinions ?
Hi Himanshu,

I am in the same boat as yours. I had my skills assessed for software tester in 2012 but due to lack of points, I couldn't apply. This year, I was thinking of going for assessment for ICT system test engineer after confirming whether if it would be in SNOL or not. I applied for assessment on1st july and to my surprise, ICT system test engineer occupation ceiling reached in just 2 days. I was really disappointed.

Now I am.also waiting for ACT to open the nomination. Again for me there is limitation that I have to have 7 in each band. I am appearing for IELTS on 2-aug and I know I am late again for ACT also.

I am wondering no other state except SA and ACT has ICT system test engineer in that list.

Even I am thinking of going assessment again in october again for software engineer. But i have a doubt if I will get the positive assessment as job duties are different from each other.

Please throw some light on this topic.

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