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Users Flag! Originally from uk. Users Flag! Expat in italy.

Originally Posted by mamachka View Post
I started out in this forum thinking we (My family) were relocating to Canada. But My husband's company that use to stress their wonderful benefits of relocation sang a different tune when the economy started struggling. We were so due for a change and had so many shattered dreams. Italy had also been another possibility. Those dreams of experiences and living were now dashed.

We have been trying to get there without that company, and we are now seeing that as Americans it is nearly impossible to do unless you have married an Italian citizen, or another EU citizen and you move to that country or If you yourself are a European citizen as a single. Or you can prove Italian heritage which my hsband has, but has no paperwork from the grandparents as his parents are gone and he has no idea where any of their stuff went.

But, I do have some info for those in the pescara Abruzzo region.

Alba-Associazione Abruzzese liberi bambini dall’autismo con l’ABA

Via D'Avalos 66
Pescara, Italy 65126
[email protected]

I believe they are an organization that does ABA with children with Autism.

Please...If anyone has ANY ideas how to get to Italy for an Americans (not married to a spouse European citizen) please share! Thank you!

Blessings HTH.
hi you menchion pescara in your post does your husband come from abbruzzo we live in abruzzo and have got to know lots of important people perhaps we can help you we would do this for no cost as we like to help people as we had a hard time gettig residence .WE were even told by chieti police that england is not in the comon market eu any way if you need any help feel free to contact us ether on res or autisim as we used to give parent breaks to parents of autisic children
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