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Originally Posted by AmericanWantsToLeave View Post
I have a feeling that I'd use my citizenship to go to England or somewhere else in the EU that is English-speaking. But again, I have a number of years (I'm a college kid) to figure this stuff out and get planned.
I'd suggest not waiting and thinking things will last forever.
Italy is under no obligation to recognize citizenship Jure Sanguinis, it could continue for the next 100 years or it could end with the flip of a statuatory switch .

While there's nothing in the pipeline to suggest they're going to stop the program (countries that recognize JS such as the UK, Israel, India tend to view it is a deeply held tradition), as an example of how rapidly things can change; BBCWatcher noted in the middle of this month that there is no fee to claim Jure Sanguinis citizenship, that was correct and how its been for 100 years... until July 8th of this year when for the first time, a 300 Euro fee goes into effect for Jure Sanguinis applications.

Consulate appointments are running upwards of a year or even two (I think Miami is the most backlogged) just to be seen. This is independant of the initial document gathering phase which can take months, with the possible headaches of amendments/modifications/perfections of document errors that may require a court order to fix.

A lot can change in a year or two. If this is something you plan on doing, you can wait, hope nothing changes and if nothing does, no harm... or, you can wait but if things change, the door may close and you are left out in the cold.

Just to reiterate, this is not fearmongering, there is nothing whatsoever to suggest that they're about to stop accepting JS but the implementation of a 300 Euro fee is a strong indicator that its on their radar and probably being monitored for positive or negative effect. God forbid a JS citizen move to Italy and commit some horrible crime.

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